Since the early ‘80s D.I.T.C. has been hoarding physical entertainment media to cater for its varied / expanding tastes in music, film, literature and gaming.

As of 2017, D.I.T.C. is trading independently, dealing in anything from old-school Rap records to N64 carts / Wrestling  DVDs (+ whatever random stuff found in the loft / down our local car boot).


We grew up in a pre-Apple era and got most of our knowledge from art. We believe the best experiences and memories need to be shared to be appreciated.


Be assured: all our used items have been well-looked-after and tested  –  hands-on  –  prior to listing / being parted with.

All D.I.T.C.’s stock is genuine  (we don’t trade in reproductions or fakes)  whether it be in the format of buy-it-now or a flash-sale auction.

Every item is also listed individually with its own specifics / condition notes and photos (not just copied and pasted from Google).


We love what we do and claim to know our stuff.

Check the links to our selling sites / have a dig through our inventory to see what we’ve got.

If you see anything you like, get in touch directly to discuss:



D.I.T.C. is based in West Yorkshire [UK] and ships  –  worldwide  – within 2 working days.

We are open to offers and local collections on everything we list.